May 2021

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President - Sabeena Nazar | Vice President - Dr. Alphonsa Rahman | Secretary - Sheeba Alousyes | Treasurer - Jilu Lenji | Chief Editor - Tison Thomas

Joint Secretary - Jubin Kottaramkunnel | Joint Treasurer - Dr. Joseph Zacharia | Ex-Officio - Mathew Varghese | Elect - Jijo Allapat

Gift of Sight

Losing vision is one of the worst fears people have and there are currently 285 million people in the world who are living with visual impairment. There are more than 200 types of inherited eye conditions that can lead to blindness in children and adults and still has no cure.  Treatments are being developed and are in various stages of clinical trials. The best we can do is to support such research that can ultimately give someone the gift of sight. Kairali Women’s Forum is joining hands with the Foundation Fighting Blindness (https://www.fightingblindness.org) for their VisionWalk this year on the 12th of June. We hope you all can join us for this noble cause and do our part to end blindness. Looking forward to meeting you all!


Upcoming Events

Kairali Conversations

June 5th Saturday 10am

Topic - Mindfulness

Kairali Picnic 2021

Saturday July 17 10am

Alpha Ridge Park

Wellness Walk

June 12th Saturday 10am

 NCR Trails

Onam Celeberations

August 28,2021

Eid Celeberations

This year, Kairali celebrated Eid on Sunday, May 16, 2021 with much pomp and festivities. Rahman Kadaba and Thomas Jose explained the meaning of Eid to all the participants. Kairali
had a special focus in celebrating Eid to enlighten the community about the spirit of festival, symbolizing the unity of an international community. In our multicultural society Kairali try to instill and enforce the universal values of brotherhood, tolerance, peace, compassion, and solidarity within the community. More than 50 people participated and shared the happiness and joy with food, songs, and entertainment. A special thanks to all who helped organize.


Summer Tips

Mental health and physical health are largely connected, so by taking care of your body, you are also taking care of your mind. Here are five things to remember this summer to help you take care of your body and mind.
Get your rest
Routines may vary with summer events but aim to get seven to nine hours of sleep a night. Keep your room cool and shades pulled to help make your sleep more comfortable.
Move your body
Added heat (even if it is dry heat!) can make exercise uncomfortable in the summer months. Try getting some exercise in the morning hours before the sun is at its peak. Or break up your day and go for shorter walk breaks throughout your day.
Connect with other
Plan something fun with family or friends. Join the walks through Kairali Women’s forum and join the picnic!! Join the Kairali Conversations – discuss positive attitudes, learn new things, ideas….
Stay hydrated
Aim to drink more than the standard eight glasses a day. And get creative: put some frozen berries in your water or even some mint leaves and lime slices. Opt for snacks with high-water content such as watermelon, cantaloupe, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

Be a Part of Kairali Activities.

If you are interested in joining the following events coordinated by the Women’s Forum & Youth Committee, please contact Mrs. Surya Chacko, Mr. Samir Nazar, Ms. Agnes Kooday & or Ms. Amanda Abraham. Please contact through email - info@kairaliofBaltimore.com

  • Wellness Walks, Charity Walk

  • Bollywood Cardio

  • Volunteering, Book Club

  • Road/River Clean-ups

  • Knitting & Jewelry making classes/events

  • Winter Coat Drive

  • Frozen Casserole, Food Drive

Shanti Bhavan Project

Have you heard of the organization Shanti Bhavan? You may have heard of it if you’ve seen the Daughters of Destiny Netflix documentary!

Shanti Bhavan is a non-profit organization founded by Abraham George, a successful Malayalee-American businessman and philanthropist. The non-profit is based in Bangalore, India and empowers children from India’s lowest socioeconomic class to break the cycle of generational poverty through education, leadership, and compassion. The school annually enrolls 12 boys and 12 girls for its incoming preschool class and guides them during the 14 years at the residential school and beyond.

This organization helps children become authors, engineers, medical professionals and more not only in India, but in the U.S. and around the world. Kairali of Baltimore Youth Committee is excited to support Shanti Bhavan by organizing fundraising events to collect funds for this incredible cause.


If any youth or adults are interested in supporting this organization, please let us know. Thank you!

Picnic - Come Celebrate the Summer with Kairali

Kairali is planning a fun filled picnic with sports, games, indoor activities, and lots of delicious food on Saturday, July 17 2021 at: Alpha Ridge Park.The address of the location is 11685 Old Frederick Rd, Marriottsville, MD 21104.  Picnic starts at 10:00 a.m. and ends at 5:00 p.m.  There will be a lot of  sports and games for kids and for all ages. The COVID -19 pandemic kept most of us staying inside. The picnic is a good opportunity to refresh our friendships, renew our acquaintances. Please mark your calendar and bring your family and friends.

Inviting Souevenir Articles

Looking to show your artistic you?  Kairali of Baltimore proudly invites you to submit articles, poems, short stories, recipes and other materials for publication in the Kairali Souvenir 2021.  

Please submit your Souvenir materials to our website at https://www.kairaliofbaltimore.com/submit-souvenir-article

Kairali is also requesting members to forward advertisements, family greetings with pictures, or pictures of any special occasion such as baptisms, first communions, engagements or  wedding to be published in the Souvenir for a nominal charge as follows,
Family Greetings - $50.00 (Half Page)
Advertisements - $100.00 (Half Page) $200.00 (Full Page)

You also have the option to add last year’s advertisement or family picture on the submission link if you wish to do so. Graduates can send their passport size picture to the Souvenir free of cost. Please submit full name of the graduate, degree, and graduating school information.

The last day to submit your materials is June 15th, 2021.

Please note that the article must be three pages or less in length. The Souvenir Committee has the full authority to edit, revise and final decision on whether to publish the article based on the content of the article.

Keeping Kairali Moments Alive...

Kairali is 37 years old!!!! Kairali likes to keep our memories alive. Do you have pictures from any previous events? We want to post this on our website for memory and keepsake. Some of them will be posted on Facebook or Instagram (just for fun!).

Please send these to info@kairaliofBaltimore.com

Covid Relief Fundraising for Kerala

Kairali of Baltimore started a fundraising campaign to raise funds for the relief of the  covid crisis  in Kerala . From the generous donations from Kairali members, we were able to raise $3,000 in less than two weeks of time. Kairali joined in hands  with FOMAA and ALA ( Art Lovers of America) in sending the essential health equipments like ventillators, oxygen concentrators, pulse oximeters etc. to Kerala. A big Thank You to all our members who  stood with Kerala during this hour of crisis. 



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Annual Membership Donations are $25/family.

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