March 2021

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From the desk of the Chief Editor


Tison Thomas

During this challenging time, I find myself coming back to the same thought every morning, be grateful. Be grateful for the fact that we are alive, healthy, and breathing. Be grateful for this extra time with family and friends, even though it may be through a virtual platform. This is a good time to take good care of ourselves and to be kind to others. We can learn from those who lived before us and struggled. I truly believe that we are not put into a situation that we cannot conquer. Seeing the light in the midst of darkness is a lesson we all should learn, not only during this difficult time but all the time.

The COVID-19 pandemic is more serious because it affects health and lives and there is so much, we do not know about it. Many of us lost someone we know or love to this pandemic. This uncertainty is part of life and we WILL get through it. It will make us wiser, stronger, and more resilient. Kairali has done so much virtually during this short period of time and through different COVID awareness campaigns to
help us support and help each other during this difficult time. Kudos to our President, Sabeena Nazar and her team!

I encourage you to take the vaccine when it is your turn and hope to see you soon. Be safe.

President - Sabeena Nazar | Vice President - Dr. Alphonsa Rahman | Secretary - Sheeba Alousyes | Treasurer - Jilu Lenji | Chief Editor - Tison Thomas

Joint Secretary - Jubin Kottaramkunnel | Joint Treasurer - Dr. Joseph Zacheria | Ex-Officio - Mathew Varghese | Elect - Jijo Allapat

Upcoming Events

Committee Meeting

April 10, 2021 - 7pm

Kairali Conversations

April 18, 2021 - 7pm


June 19, 2021

Wellness Walk

April 17, 2021 - 10am

Eid Celebration

May 15, 2021

Onam Celebrations

August 28, 2021

Every Blood Donor is a Hero!

Every single day 40,000 pints of blood are needed and every two seconds someone needs blood in the United States. Giving blood is the best donation you can make to save lives! Kairali of Baltimore in collaboration with Indian American Nurses Association of Maryland (IANAM) organized a successful blood drive on March 27th. We had people who donated for the first time and 100th time -Our true hero Thomas Antony for the 100th time. Every blood donor is a Hero and we honor them all. Thank you to each one of you from all of us at Kairali. 


100th time Donor!

Thomas Antony

PHOTO-2021-03-27-17-47-59 (1).jpg
PHOTO-2021-03-27-17-47-59 (2).jpg

Kairali Conversations

Under the initiative of the Kairali Women’s Forum, the inaugural session of “Kairali Conversations” was successfully conducted on March 13th. This was a very well-organized event based on a popular TED talk  “Why winning does not equal success”. The discussion was moderated by Mr. Abraham Joshua, who facilitated a very effective , thought provoking dialogue within the group. He introduced some great conversation starters that sparked a very engaging discussion. Mrs. Surya Chacko provided a detailed information about this new initiative and requested active participation from the Kairali members as this will be a great platform for an ongoing discussion of topics of relevance to the community members.

Please stay tuned for the next session, which will be on April 18, 2021 @ 7pm.

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PHOTO-2021-03-25-14-26-32 (1).jpg

SAT Prep Coaching Class

Kairali of Baltimore Youth Committee organized a free SAT Prep coaching class in association with ProExce on Friday, March 05, 2021. In this zoom call, more than 20 high school students participated. The ProExce tutors went over some common possible questions and general topics like time management and how that helps to increase the SAT score. 

The two hours of interactive coaching class ended with a Vote of Thanks from Samir Nazar, the Chair Kairali Youth Committee.

Meet our GOLD Sponsor! James Schroeder - Community Title Network

James Schroeder has been providing services to clients in real estate since 1990; first serving clients in construction services, then in mortgage lending, and over the last decade providing settlement services as a licensed Title Producer in MD, DC, VA and PA. Mr. Schroeder has been a great friend to our community and a sponsor for Kairali for a very long time.


Mr. Schroeder has built his solid reputation for superior services as a title agent on a passion for customer service- elevating the settlement transaction to a settlement experience. One of the region’s leading title companies, Community Title Network offers a vast array of title and settlement services to buyers and sellers, realtors, mortgage lenders, builders, and developers. Please use Community Title Network for your title needs.


Women’s Forum Wellness walk  - Cromwell Valley Park

On the first day of Spring, March 20, Kairali of Baltimore women’s group , organized the first Wellness walk. About 10 families gathered at Cromwell valley park by 10 am to walk the 3 mile trail. 
We were so energized meeting each other after a year of isolation due to Covid. Everyone maintained precautions by wearing masks even when walking the trails. It was a wonderful activity , spending 2 quality hours with our Kairali family while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

PHOTO-2021-03-25-14-27-13 (1).jpg

We are all energized and plan to meet next month in April 17th at Centennial park .Come one , come all and spend  time with each other in a safe environment

PHOTO-2021-03-25-14-27-13 (2).jpg

Be a Part of Kairali Activities.

If you are interested in joining the following events coordinated by the Women’s Forum & Youth Committee, please contact Mrs. Surya Chacko, Mr. Samir Nazar, Ms. Agnes Kooday & or Ms. Amanda Abraham. Please contact through email - info@kairaliofBaltimore.com

  • Wellness Walks, Charity Walk

  • Bollywood Cardio

  • Volunteering, Book Club

  • Road/River Clean-ups

  • Knitting & Jewelry making classes/events

  • Winter Coat Drive

  • Frozen Casserole, Food Drive

Keeping Kairali Moments Alive...

Kairali is 37 years old!!!! Kairali likes to keep our memories alive. Do you have pictures from any previous events? We want to post this on our website for memory and keepsake. Some of them will be posted on Facebook or Instagram (just for fun!).

Please send these to info@kairaliofBaltimore.com

Inviting Souevenir Articles

Looking to show your artistic you?  Kairali of Baltimore proudly invites you to submit articles, poems, short stories, recipes and other materials for publication in the Kairali Souvenir 2021.  

Please submit your Souvenir materials to our website at https://www.kairaliofbaltimore.com/submit-souvenir-article

Kairali is also requesting members to forward advertisements, family greetings with pictures, or pictures of any special occasion such as baptisms, first communions, engagements or  wedding to be published in the Souvenir for a nominal charge as follows,
Family Greetings - $50.00 (Half Page)
Advertisements - $100.00 (Half Page) $200.00 (Full Page)

You also have the option to add last year’s advertisement or family picture on the submission link if you wish to do so. Graduates can send their passport size picture to the Souvenir free of cost. Please submit full name of the graduate, degree, and graduating school information.

The last day to submit your materials is May 31st, 2021.

Please note that the article must be three pages or less in length. The Souvenir Committee has the full authority to edit, revise and final decision on whether to publish the article based on the content of the article.



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