Bringing together all Malayalees in Maryland

about us

Kairali is a premier organization of people of Indian origin residing in and around Baltimore/Washington D.C. area. Kairali is in existence since 1984 and is a 501 (c) non-profit organization. Kairali is a vibrant organization and has a wide reach to Indian American families, through its all-encompassing programs and endeavors.

  • Founded: 1984

  • Location: Baltimore, Maryland, USA

  • Key Office Holders: President, Secretary and the Committee Members

  • Area Served: Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia and Delaware

  • Members: 2,000 plus.

Kairali of Baltimore is registered in the state of Maryland with a focus for promoting the cultural awareness and social activities primarily among the Asian-Indians living in and around the Baltimore, Maryland region (Washington D.C, Northern Virginia, and Delaware). Kairali has been instrumental in bringing the community together through several sports, arts, literary, cultural and social events throughout the year. By providing public programs throughout the year, Kairali is a leader in building bridges between various cultural, social and religious groups.




In the early 70s there were a few Keralites in the Baltimore area met at Jai Hind store on York road and was the initial gathering place for the diaspora. By the early 1980s, as the group becomes larger it was decided that an organization be formed to formalize the gatherings. In 1984, the bylaws were created and Kairali of Baltimore was registered in the State of Maryland as a non-profit organization. The first gathering took place at Essex Community College in 1984 and Kairali was formed under the leadership of its founding president Dr. Karmachandran Nair.

We are one human family regardless of our national, racial, ethnic, economic, and ideological differences. We are our brother’s and sisters’ keepers, wherever they may be. Loving our neighbour has global dimensions in a shrinking world.



Since 1984, Kairali has grown steadily under the leadership of past presidents and committees. Within the realm of cultural, social and sports, Kairali organized far-reaching quality programs, events and activities for the wider community. Throughout the years, Kairali did a commendable job in bringing people together. Charitable contributions and activities (volunteering at shelters, thanksgiving baskets, 5K/3K run for charity), building houses for the poor along with food and other self-employment activities in India, CPR classes, Sports activities for youth and children, Onam and Christmas/New Year celebration, stage shows with movie/cine stars, Youth/kids talent show to name a few. 

These efforts show the extra ordinary efforts of Kairali for the community. Kairali as an organization inspire members to increase the networking, charitable activities, political and social networks, and take increasing roles in the mainstream of American life while holding onto certain time tested Indian values.