First Quarter 2022

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President's Desk


Jijo Allapat

I feel extremely humbled and privileged to be the 2022 President of our prestigious organization - Kairali of Baltimore. I have been part of the Kairali family for many years and want to thank all the members for their incredible love, support, and mentorship.

Kairali of Baltimore is an organization that was established in 1984, to promote cultural awareness and social activities within the Indian community in the DMV area. I respectfully, thank all my predecessors whose hard work and commitment have enabled Kairali of Baltimore to reach its true potential.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught all of us a new way of life. Despite, taking away the pleasures of our grand get-together as a community for Picnic, Onam, Christmas/New-year; it has only reinforced each of our commitments towards our community. We witnessed this in the past year, under the leadership of Ms. Sabeena Nazar, the entire women-led executive committee, was right in the forefront conducting webinars and connecting our community members under the constantly changing pandemic rules.

For 2022, I and my team, envision to further promoting and enhancing our social activities, empowering our youth by including them in all aspects of leadership, developing a solid advocacy program promoting Indian culture and arts, conducting impactful charitable activities, and improving collaboration between Kairali and other Indian cultural organizations. Annual plans are well underway for Kairali of Baltimore’s 2022 activities, which you will hear from us soon!


In these pandemic times of COVID, I pray that our team of Kairali 2022, succeeds in bringing together all the Asian Indian families living in the DMV area and uplifting the core values this organization was built upon – cultural awareness, and community service orientation. I look forward to a wonderful active year and hope that with all your cooperation and support, we could take Kariali of Baltimore to newer heights and success.

Stay safe and wish everyone a healthy and prosperous 2022!

President - Jijo Allappatt | Vice President - Bijo Thomas | Secretary - Ginitha Jomy | Treasurer - Joby Jose | Chief Editor - Tison Thomas

Joint Secretary - Amanda Abraham | Joint Treasurer - Suraj Mamman | Ex-Officio - Sabeena Nazar | Elect - Vijoy Pattamady

Upcoming Events

Saturday Feb 19 7pm

Paradise Resta

Saturday Feb 19 7pm

Saturday Feb 19 7pm

Experts Talk Webinar 
- Personal Finance and Tax 

April 8th

Grass Roots Charity

April 23

 Meal service

May 7th

Easter Egg Hunt

April 10th

Wellness walk 

May 7th

Vishu Easter and Eid

May 8

General Body Meeting

On January 8, 2022, Kairali of Baltimore held its Annual General Body Meeting in hybrid mode at Holy Nativity Lutheran Church, Halethorpe. The General Body selected Mr . Jijo Allapat as its president. The other officeholders include Mr. Vijoy Pattamady (President-Elect), Bijo Thomas (Vice President), Mrs. Ginitha Jomy (Secretary), Ms. Amanda Abraham (Joint Secretary), and Mr. Joby Jose (Treasurer), Mr. Suraj Mamen (Joint Treasurer).  The executive committee of 21 members also takes an oath to support Kairali of Baltimore for the year 2022. President Jijo Allapat thanked 2021 President Mrs. Sabeena Nazar and her team for the variety of activities even during the COVID -19 pandemic..

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2022 Executive meeting

The first executive committee meeting of Kairali’s 2022 was held virtually on Monday, January 17, 2022. President Jijo Allapat provided an overview of the Kairali 2022 vision and also introduced 2022 executive committee members. The new committee discussed various activities for 2022 and decided to hold a handover meeting on February 19, 2022.


Womens Forum Activities

Kairali of Baltimore Women’s Forum 2022 leadership was handed over to Mrs.Saija Chirayath (Chair) and Dr.Josni Zacharia (Co-Chair) on the 19th of February. The 2022 committee met two weeks before the hand-over meeting to discuss a plan for the year and was met with great enthusiasm from all the team members. The committee came up with the theme “Women Empowerment” focusing on 4 pillars, Networking, Transitions, Stress Relief, and Charity. The team also came up with a color scheme for each month as a unifying theme across different activities planned for each month. This is also to encourage maximum participation from all age groups in our community.


In February Women’s Forum created its own Instagram page and Facebook account where members can connect, and share ideas, stories, pictures, and videos. Dr. Arathy Kartha and Mrs. Jilu Lenji took the lead to make it relevant with Tuesday Trivias and Funny Fridays and shared healthy recipes by Ms. Bini Jith and Ms. Jilu Lenji. To promote and symbolize heart health, we chose the color red for February. The Forum is requesting all members to follow the Instagram page. We look forward to having as many beautiful pictures from each of you that we can share on our social media handles using the color scheme as the guidance for each month. 


Dr.Josni Zacharia and the Youth Chairs organized the first charity event at the Moveable Feast on February 21st, President's Day. Volunteers were able to make meal deliveries to various resident locations. The meals were picked up by the volunteers and were dropped off at different homes in Baltimore city. This was an amazing opportunity to serve the community and the members expressed in a shared video how satisfying and rewarding the whole experience was!

Women’s Forum also collaborated in organizing an Expert Webinar series to educate the community on health, technology, and other relevant topics. The first topic was on Diet and nutrition in Diabetics conducted by renowned Renal Dietician Mrs. Ashima Sastry. Dr.Josni Zacharia welcomed the speaker and member Mrs.Jilu Lenji moderated the Q&A session. This session was packed with take-home messages from Mrs. Sastry and was received with great enthusiasm from the audience. She highlighted the need to follow a customized diet plan that can be easily incorporated into one’s lifestyle. For example, when asked if one should switch to cauliflower rice instead of white rice, she responded that “no one is going to do that if I suggest such things. I would rather you follow portion control”. The organizers like to believe that members have started to make some changes in their diet plans for a healthy lifestyle.

As Transitioning or navigating life’s twists and turns is critical in today’s digital era, the Women's forum organized a March Fitness challenge. Mrs. Bindu Mathew led the program and Women’s Forum 2022 member Mrs. Molly Suraj won the digital award in the March Challenge by reaching the highest exercise goals and inspiring others in the group by sharing her goals and pictures. In March Women’s Forum also introduced the Yoga classes offered by Ms.Vrinda Nair. These classes are offered free of cost to all members. On March 8th, the members celebrated International women’s day by sharing videos to wish everyone and share their views on the significance of the day. 


Jilu and Josni coordinated the first wellness walk for the year on March 26th at BWI Trail. It was a chilly March morning but members came together to encourage each other. Members were able to have a fun time biking, running, walking the dog, and just chatting and walking. The president thanked the Forum for its initiatives.

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Youth Committe Activities

February 11 - College Planning/SAT webinar in partnership with C2 Education
The Youth Committee organized a college planning and SAT prep webinar in partnership with C2 Education. The event was very successful, with around 40 participants. The event featured students from prestigious Ivy League universities, who shared their pathway to college admission. The event gained positive feedback, which encouraged us to host a second SAT event.

February 21 - Moveable Feast Volunteer
The Youth Committee coordinated and volunteered with Moveable Feast to give back to the community. It was an eye-opening experience for all youth, in which we got to see the conditions of the residents and elderly in Baltimore City. Many of the youth enjoyed volunteering and suggested doing another service-based activity again.

March 27 - SAT and PSAT webinar class in partnership with Genius Turtle
The Youth Committee hosted the second SAT webinar in partnership with Genius Turtle. This event dove deeper into the strategies to succeed on the PSAT and SAT. The Q&A session was very interactive and informative.

New Intiatives

Kairali of Baltimore in the year 2022 have incorporated new initiatives and community interactions using social media platforms.

This segment provides the opportunity for kids to participate and orate Indian festivals to the community.

This segment provides the opportunity for both kids and adults the showcase their talents to the community.

In the segment Kairali of Baltimore reaches out to the community to receive expert advice from the professionals.


Keeping Kairali Moments Alive...

Kairali is 37 years old!!!! Kairali likes to keep our memories alive. Do you have pictures from any previous events? We want to post this on our website for memory and keepsake. Some of them will be posted on Facebook or Instagram (just for fun!).

Please send these to info@kairaliofBaltimore.com

Be a Part of Kairali Activities...

If you are interested in joining the following events coordinated by the Women’s Forum & Youth Committee, please contact Mrs. Saija Chirayath, Mr. Johan Zacharia, Ms. Bettina Shaju. Please contact through email - info@kairaliofBaltimore.com

  • Grassroots Charity

  • Baltimore Station Meal Service

  • Meet and greet

  • Wellness walk

  • Easter Egg Hunt

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