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Kairali Charity Project Extends to Wayanad - Thomas Jose

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Kairali of Baltimore again has proved that it can do way more than cultural events at home. Along with several humanitarian activities in the Baltimore area, Kairali extended our helping hands to the less fortunate tribal colonies in Wayanad, Kerala. Every year Kairali receives projects that are in need of help from our community. We know we can’t change the whole world but we are dedicated to provide the possible help with the hope to change the future of as many people as we can.

Kairali of Baltimore celebrated this year's Christmas and New Year on January 7, 2017 at Seton Keogh High School. This was a very grand celebration including various cultural activities by the kids and adults from our community. The cultural programs were followed by a  delicious dinner and dance with DJ Sunny.  Thanks to our entertainment committee chair Solly Rajan and team and hospitality committee chair Rajan Mathai and team and   all    the   members  who

                 President - Saju Markose | Secretary - Alphonsa Rahman | Treasurer - Joseph Zacharia

Vice President - Sheeba Alousyes | Jt. Secretary - Gillet Kooran |  Jt. Treasurer - Jane Mathew | Ex-Officio - Rahman Kadaba | Chief Editor - Sabeena Nazar

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2017 Events - Planning In Progress. 

Do you like Elephants? - Youth Committee Initiative

saving the elephants from poaching. Please take part in this great cause by purchasing a T-shirt.

Kairali Committee 2017 Sworn-In Ceremony

Kairali of Baltimore youth committee has initiated a fundraiser in efforts to help elephants. Elephants are an endangered species, and their population only continues to decline today from poaching for ivory. The Youth Committee has created t-shirts with the motto, "Save the Elephants, Save the World". Minimum donation for each T-shirt is $12. 100% of the profit from the  shirts  will  go  towards 

Kairali Christmas & New Year 2017 Celebrations

worked behind the scene  to  make  this  event  a successful one. The pictures and videos from this event are posted on Kairali website and on Kairali Facebook page.

During the Christmas & New Year Program held on January 7, 2017, the Kairali President Mr. Saju  Markose awarded the Commitment awardto Shams Nazar for his dedication and commitment to the Kairali organization. Shams Nazar is serving Kairali community continuously for almost 14 years. He also served as the Kairali President for the year 2011.

Kairali of Baltimore Committee for 2017 under the leadership of Mr. Joy Koodaly sworn-In during the Christmas & New Year 2017 Celebrations. Also, Mr. Johnson Kadamkulathil was elected as the President-Elect (2018) during this event.

From the President's Desk - Saju Markose

The fact is that poverty and ignorance continue to keep the tribal inhabitants (Paniyas, Adiyas, Kattunayakans, Kurichiyans, Kurumas, Ooralis, Uraali Kurumas etc.) poor and less dignified. The government machinery seems unable to meet the basic needs of this population. Occasional relief measure of medicine and food kits will do little to help escape their grim condition caused by disease and hunger. The District Collector of Wayanad, Sri V S Thirumeni is co-coordinating several welfare programs for these minority natives in this panoramic district, in collaboration with the social activists and community leaders of the area. That is how the collector contacted Kairali President Mr. Saju Markose requesting any sort of help for this community. As the executive committee decided, Kairali donated $3000 towards this cause.
I, (Thomas Jose) was fortunate enough to travel to Wayanad, Kerala few weeks ago to handover the amount.  (Vijoy Pattamadi, who was in Kerala during my visit accompanied me to Kalpatta, Wayanad – thank you Vijoy) A 10th grade tribal student received the amount at the presence of her teacher, the collector and Ms. Ambika, who is the president of “Kerala Mahila Samaikhya Socity”. Kairali is very thankful to Sri V S Thirumeni for providing the collector’s chamber for this occasion in spite of his official schedule. The Collector expressed his sincere thanks to Kairali members, especially to the President. Sri Thirumeni instructed the ‘Mahila Socity” leader to provide the detailed breakdown how the amount was utilized.

Kairali Commitment Award

Wish you and family a Prosperous & Blessed New Year 2017.
It has been a privilege and honor to serve as the President of Kairali of Baltimore for the year 2016. I thank the Lord Almighty for giving me the health & wisdom to serve Kairali. I thank my 2016 team members who supported me and worked hard throughout the year to execute  the  various  projects  that  Kairali  undertook.  I  enjoyed


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working as a president of Kairali along with my wonderful team members; we have successfully executed several projects during the last year.

  • ​A thrilling family trip to Poconos

  • A grand basketball tournament

  • Cleaning the Chesapeake Bay area  

  • Volunteered at the Missionaries of Charity, Our Daily Bread soup kitchen

  • A family picnic during the summer with lots of sports and fun

  • Celebrated our Onam festival with a grand participation from our community

  • Published a wonderful souvenir during the Onam

  • Organized a blood donation campaign

  • Organized a one day ‘Educational Workshop ‘about different subjects

  • Organized a CPR class

  • Arranged thanksgiving food basket for homeless people

  • Started to publish monthly news bulletin this year

  • Organized a cooking class for women

  • Kairali of Baltimore, KCS and KAGW, three Malayalee associations together did a grand kick off ceremony of "Keralotsavam” for celebrating 60th birthday of our God’s Own Country

  • Donated $3,000 to the girls from backward community in Wayanad,  Kerala for their educational development in the presence of District Collector

  • Kairali Youth is fundraising for “Save the Elephants Save the World” by selling T- shirts.

2016 has been a great year for Kairali of Baltimore. I proudly announce that all the above projects have been successfully executed only because of the hard work and tremendous efforts put in by my wonderful team. Thank you all who worked with me directly or indirectly. God bless you! I realize now the hard work and effort that was put in by the past thirty-three presidents for the progress and existence of Kairali of Baltimore.

I express my sincere thanks to all  our sponsors, advertisers, and financial supporters. None of our accomplishments would have been possible without all your wishes and support. Let us renew our pledge of support to our community to maintain our culture and heritage for the future generations. I request you all to support our 2017 president Joy Koodaly to lead our Kairali to further heights​.