CPR Training

Kairali of Baltimore Women's Forum will be organizing a free CPR class for the adults and children on Saturday October 8, 2016. Dr. Alphonsa Rahman will be the instructor. Please mark your calendars and advise all middle/high school students to attend this valuable, lifesaving training.

The 'Educational Workshop' conducted on 23rd July 2016 was indeed a grand success. It would not have been possible without the sincere effort and hard work put in by the committee members. I am grateful and thankful to all the speakers for the valuable information that they imparted to the Kairali members and for spending their time to be with us. I take this opportunity to thank Alphonsa Rahman, Gillet Kooran, Anil Alousyes, Mohan Mavunkal, Shaju Jose, Rajan Mathai for introducing the guest speakers and Thomas Jose, Joy Koodaly, Shams Nazar, Rahman Kadaba, Solly Abraham, Mathew Varghese and Sheeba Alouyses for thanking the speakers. Special thanks to Nadia Nazar and Anusha Alousyes for doing a good job as the MC’s of the workshop, Shams Nazar for arranging the sound system and the projector, Naveed Rahman for managing the presentation slides and helping out the speakers, Sabeena Nazar for the photography, Mathai Rajan for arranging the refreshments. I appreciate and thankful to all those who attended the workshop and I am sure that the workshop has enhanced the information on the topics of Social Security and Medicare benefits, taxation, living will, financial planning for retirement,  home/auto insurance, and home mortgage.

The next area was covered by Mr. Bruce Penn whose topic home mortgage is very crucial to everybody especially the new comers in our community. He explained the tactics to get the best mortgage rates and how to avoid unnecessary fees, insurance, and penalties. The last session started on time at exactly 2:55 pm by a great friend of Kairali. He has insured both home and auto for the majority of our community for the last eight to ten years. This is a section we really need a man whom we can really trust and Mr. Russel Thater is the best one. Surely the administrative team of Kairali under the leadership of Mr. Saju Markose, Ms. Alphonsa Rahman, Mr. Joseph Zakaria, Ms. Sheeba Aloysus, Mr. Gillet Kooran, and Mr. Jane Mathew deserves millions of ‘kudos’ to have had the vision and guts to come forward  with this great idea!!!!!.

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Kairali Sports and hospitality committees have been actively working on the preparations for the Picnic 2016. Menu & Sports items for the picnic has been finalized, trophies are ordered and the whole committee is excited and ready for the picnic event. Inviting all the malayalee families to the picnic with friends and family for a day out, with lots of food, games and fun, especially the much anticipated vadam-vali.

                                            President - Saju Markose | Secretary - Alphonsa Rahman | Treasurer - Joseph Zacharia

Vice President - Sheeba Alousyes | Jt. Secretary - Gillet Kooran |  Jt. Treasurer - Jane Mathew | Ex-Officio - Rahman Kadaba | Editor - Sabeena Nazar

Upcoming Major Events

From The President's Desk - Saju Markose

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To advertise on Kairali Classifieds page, please visit the link below and submit the details to website moderators.  Moderators will review the material and approved items will be posted on the classifieds page within 2 to 5 days. This service is open to community members only who want to exchange/sell/buy personal items at a reasonable cost or at no cost.


Blood Donation Drive
Kairali Blood Drive has been scheduled to September 24th 2016. If you are interested in donating Blood on September 24th, please contact 

Kairali Educational Workshop - Mohan Mavunkal

Knowledge is power and that power is a must to take us to the reaches of success. As we are immigrants living in this wonderful land of opportunities, it has paramount importance to know the rules of law and the law of this land. If we are not a well-educated customer, the chances are high that we can be in serious situations. We have to assure that we have tons of information in so many aspects like health, wealth, safety, security, etc. The workshop arranged by Kairali on 23rd July, 2016 was surely a great step towards delivering a lot of information in those fields to its members. The program was well organized and very well executed. The speakers were experts in their own fields and were loaded with valuable information.

Kairali Picnic 2016 

The commencement of this workshop was on time, as planned. The first speaker was Ms.Carol Sylvester on the topics of Social Security and Medicare. She is a long term member of the administrative team of Johns Hopkins and currently serving as the Vice President. The information she rendered was unprecedented. She talked about the need and necessity to have the knowledge about Social Security and Medicare. She answered all the questions and concerns. The next speaker was Mr. Paul Joseph CPA who spoke on taxation. Since it is so sophisticated and complicated field, his class was very helpful to deal with the strongest Federal agency IRS and its rules and regulations. The next session was on financial planning for Retirement. As majority of our members earn reasonably good amounts and a good fraction of our members are reaching retirement status, this session was very important. Our grand sponsors PNC Bank team Mr. David Thompson and Mr. Bryan Tracy did a great job. One of the best attractions of the event was legal advice on living will, trust formation, and other legal matters. Day by day we sadly witness many of our friends perish prematurely. This is where the importance of “planning for the unborn tomorrow” comes into play. Mr. Dilip Paliyath Esq, one of the long term members of Kairali, a well-wisher and a supporter of Kairali unleashed his expertise in this area. Amazingly informative and helpful.